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about the author

Tom Hennessy began with a casual interest in the stock market back in 1997. Like many others who could not ignore the fireworks created by the stock market bubble which was forming at the time, the interest grew and changed.

Much the same as the real estate bubble of 2006, in 2000 we got the "Crash Course" and the education is never ending.

A fascination with the mathematics and Elliott Wave led to intense research into the "inner clock" of markets and nature. Then in 2002 as the stock market was finding a pivot point, all of a sudden (after more than 5 years) there it was - the key.....


George J. Writes:

Of all the forex trading systems I have purchased, received for free, tested, etc... no forex system comes close to the Super Trade System.

Tom Hennessy gives the best support of any forex system I have seen. As a forex trader for 12 years and full time for the past 8 years and I can state that I now have found the best forex system available at any price.


Demoosky Q. writes:

Hi Tom,

"My first trade signal was good with about 250pips in one day on GBP/JPY and the reversal was a hit with about 1700pips in three days.

Then, the bullish reversal and that particular trade is still on as I type this mail with over 500pips.

Therefore, I would like to congratulate you on this great achievement of this wonderful system.

And I would also like to say a big THANK YOU for making it available to the public for such a reasonable price.

I appreciate it."




Paul H. Writes:

I've been trading full time since I graduated college (about 14 years) and this is really the first time I can remember getting really excited about a new setup and system.
Thanks a bunch!


Additional Notes From Customer:

A friend met some folks in Italy who were using STAR with success, I figured this is worth a try
...thank you!


Sid A.D. Writes:

Hi Tom,

First of all I'd like to thank you for sharing this wonderful system.

I really am enjoying it ( lots of pips already :)
USD/JPY 324 PIPS and position is still open.




Keith S. Writes:

Dear Tom,

Your instruction manual for the S.T.A.R. System has been terrific.



Stefano D.G. writes:

on 6/6 "Good morning,
Your system seems to be very very good, the best I've bought in the last 8 years."

And on 6/7:
"Hi Tom, Thank you for your fast reply. I see these signals looking at a 30 minute chart and...
...but I know very well fibonacci ratios and all other technical analysis... and it seems to be the best system that I have ever seen. I will update on my results. Have a nice day and nice to meet you...."


A Forum Posting:

This system does everything that it claims, last trade on 4hr timeframe made 1000 pips. Name one other system that can do this?


Recent Letter:


The recent improvements to the system are truly fantastic!!

I was considering going short the USD/JPY pair earlier, but no matter what I did, I only recieved continuation siganls, so I went long and a made 100 pips. I am gaining more and more confidence in the system. You really have created something special here. I am glad to be a part of it!!


Felix P. Writes:

Hi Tom,

[Note: This was next day after purchased]
I'm still experimenting with your system and yesterday got my first profitable trade on USD/CHF 2min. I am really impressed so far.

I have never seen anything comparable to your system. Thank you for publishing your system.



Recent Letter:

...had two losing trades... they were both my fault, not the system's. I also know that I have made several thousand pips with this system in the short time that I have had it, and I can say unequivocally the system does everything that it advertises. I often wonder if I would have shared this system if I created it, but I am glad that you did ;)

By the way it is worth way more than your price!!


Recent Letter:

LOL, life is beautiful!! Thanks to STAR!!

P.S. Do you ever sleep? LOL


David W. Writes:

Hi Tom,

I am enjoying the process, and I'm recommending the system to everyone I meet.

I still think it is the best tool I have ever come across. All my other tools have gone out the window.

Thanks once again.




Forum Post:

I just want to tell you that I stopped using Shark EA, Pallada EA and all the possible EA's you can think of. I now use Cyclon's Supertradesystem and it is the only method I use. This system is flawless.

Thanks Cyclon!

p.s. - Pallada EA might be a good system but not even comparable to this Supertradesystem.

Not Just Forex - Profit on Gold and Silver Too!
Market Matching TA in the 21st Century

FINALLY a Forex Trading System that will

S.T.A.R. - the Super Trades At Retrace FOREX Trading System

CAPTURE the Best Part of Super Trades


Base Pair Tuned Dynamic Support and Resistance

An Amazing Complement for STAR and a Scalper's Dream!

TS Hennessy Supertradesystem Trading System Developer

Dear Forex Trader,

   Way too many losses? Guessing?

   You need not be concerned any
   longer about knowing where to enter.

   A Brand New Approach has been found!

match your market

"OK You Got MY Attention! So what's a 'Super Trade' (I mean besides one where I make a lotta money)? "

Super Trades are defined as the maximum trade potential in a given swing on a given timeframe. A Super Trade will go from main pivot to main pivot. As it does it will go through the whole spectrum of movement and momentum changes including corrective spikes, flats, and wedges to just plain "gettin 'er done" long bars. So its no wonder that both traders and computer systems alike either get whipsawed out or leave profits on the table.

With ANY software based signal system, Expert Advisor ("EA"), Autotrade, Autopilot or whatever-you-wanna-call-it indicator based simple robot you have too many drawdowns and stoplosses.

Worst of all you don't get enough of the total available movement and time is not your friend.

This is because the price action is JUST TOO COMPLEX for computer trade models. They will get you in too late and out too early - and that's on the GOOD TRADES! They often leave 40% - 70% of the SUPER TRADE on the table. One award winning system claims 80% accuracy. When I checked their stats they show Total % Net Gain of 18%.

Testimonial from happy trader

Supertradesystem Recent Pivots

SOME of what's shared with members at Supertradersclub via our Live Watchlist

      EUR/JPY October 21st, 2015 Short at 136.248 (647 pips still going):

Reversals at Retracement with Low Drawdown

      GBP/AUD September 17th, 2015 Long at 2.14967 (510 pips):

Early Entry in New Trends!

Getting Your Spot EARLY but After the Reversal
Maximizes Equity Usage AND Gives More Time Freedom!

      GBP/JPY August 5th, 2015 Short at 194.825 (1,445 pips still going):

Reversals at Retracement with Low Drawdown

Check Your Chart and Look at These Primo Points of Entry!

The precision is already IN the market.
The key is Matching Speeds.
What will Next Month Bring YOU?

Short or Long Term trades. The signals can be used either way.

AND... In BOTH Directions.
These 2 Great Trades Below used STAR's
Speed Matching to REVERSE and GO!
( so you DON'T Get "Oscillatored Out" Early )

      GBP/JPY January 22nd, 2014 Short at 172.67 (805 pips):

Accurate Strike Profitable Trading

That was 805 pips on that one trade.
Isn't THIS the WAY to get IN?
Do YOU know WHERE to get IN?

NOW use STAR's "Retracement Technology" to REVERSE...

      GBP/JPY February 5th, 2014 Long at 164.615 (3020+ pips - see AUG 5th 2015 Short):

Early Entry into New Trends

Now Which would you rather have:
80% of the Available Market Pips or 80% accuracy? And at WHAT PRICE?

This system is running at nearly 100% accuracy. Cumulatively it has Captured 82% of Super Trades and that runs about 73% to 93% on individual trades. Another popular trade calling service which is far more reasonably priced (than the one just mentioned which is {choke} $$$ Seven Grand) is $179 PER MONTH and their best year, 2006, had 4096 pips for the year. The S.T.A.R. system took 8,194 pips in its first 4-1/2 months. And you may Own it Outright!

So that's what I've got... It's Exclusive -
And there is a reason why You must have it.

The PROBLEM with today's technical analysis...
There's a good reason for the 95% Failure Rate of Traders.

You're NOT going to Solve it by TRYING HARDER or finding some
HOLY GRAIL! Sure not gonna ROBOT your way to solid production.

I tell and explain ALL of it in my New Video.
If you haven't seen it please proceed no further and watch it HERE:

The Trouble with Today's Technical Analysis

The problem is that most analysis or algorithms do not take the analysis technique to the "RIGHT" speed - the one that the Super Trade is "running on". Whatever timeframe you call up - that's where the analysis gets applied. Occasionally, when you luck up and get the right timeframe, AND the analysis matches the wave type, you hit a home run on at least a portion of the wave. Even then, it's still not possible for any conventional algorithm or analysis to avoid exiting too early.

With the S.T.A.R. SUPER TRADES AT RETRACE system you can CAPTURE nearly every bit of Super Trades. And then do it all over again in the other direction. Again and again and again and again. Because each new trend actually chooses its own Fibonacci Timeframe and the next main pivot may not be on the same timeframe as it moves away but you will be able to select the next correct one. That is because of this technique developed as a result of discovering that there are keys to Elliott Waves which the waves themselves generate. BUT YOU WON'T COUNT A SINGLE WAVE! You'll get the POWER of it though! This all took years of research but this technique is simple.

And not only will you be taking nearly the whole move every time but you're gonna do it safely from the prime retracement - the best possible entry point that you'll know in advance. No oscillators stopping you out or offering you a "POSITIVE" trade yet you see only a tiny fraction of the whole move. Simple for you because the system will let price action tell you whether or not to get in and exactly where. Now it is NOT gonna give you a green or red arrow. That robotic model really won't make you much money. Remember, when it comes to trading, time is not your friend. You'll maintain control yet you will have more time freedom because you will be looking for a specific trigger AFTER the price action has already told you it is time to get ready.

See This Chart? Forget About It!

You won't need anything as complex as the research that went into the STAR system. It is a beautiful chart though. Something's going on there. Everything is done by letting the wave tell its own story.

But That Was 371 Pips

in 3 Trading Days

"I'd TAKE that setup if it means I get the Best Part of the Super Trades!"

But you don't have to... I give you 3 simple tools
and it boils down to 100% Mechanical Criteria. DONE!

It all comes as Pre-built Tools and Videos on Our Private Forum

Tap Into Your Market Now

Get Star Now

   BRAND NEW - Not Just Updated but Overhauled!

  • Speed Signature Mapping System Avoids Shakeouts!
  • New Trade Filters Tripled Our Profit Factor!
  • 3 Place Precision Finds More Trades!
  • All NEW Videos Show You How!
  • Semi-Automated Assists Make STAR More Useable!

STAR is Now Over 7 Years Old!
Time tested on ALL Formations
Corrective AS WELL AS Trending Markets!

There's NO Reason to Stay on the Sidelines Anymore!

From Jeremy: "STAR is awesome and has changed my life."

Everything you need is included. You get the software for Metatrader 4 so you can have a free demo account. Then you get the already set up tools which you just plug into MT4. Just download from our private forum, install and start using right away. And it is a simple 3 step process with videos and thorough instructions.

We're talkin' Simple and Effective

From the start of the system Nov. '07 to the end of July '08 (last major move after that not included): Out of 15140 Pips on just the GBP/JPY, S.T.A.R. Captured 12401 of them. An Astounding 82% of the market on only 11 trades with no stops triggered - false signals are so rare that it may be possible bad broker data causes some small stops but Stops Placement is known ahead of time and that is such a load off your mind. Do your trading career a favor and get started with your own S.T.A.R. System here. It is priced reasonably enough for any trader.

Supertradesystem Testimonial

      Pedro R. writes:

"Dear Tom,

I bought STAR system a few days ago, and for me this is still quite shocking."

And Next Day:
"I am doing great, I just regret that this first move wasn't performed on my live account (I am still testing this on a demo), this is my 1st trade (still open). Amazing.

I guess you are a genius.

Thank God for your kindness in sharing this amazing system.

Well, regarding how I heard of this, it was in a forum, I also bought another system (before I bought yours) called Pallada EA (it's a semi-automatic EA) also a good system but it can't be compared to yours... STAR system has a league of its own."

Supertradesystem Testimonial

      George J. writes:

...The system is the best manual forex system available. The price is actually a lot lower than it should be. Knowing what I know now, I would gladly pay $10,000 for this system...

...I can't blame you if you're skeptical with all the forex systems that are available and don't pan out but I assure you that everyday you hesitate in getting this system, you are not making the pips I'm making.

I have rated many forex systems... I consider myself one of the most experienced forex traders and I can state that this is THE SYSTEM.

Supertradesystem Testimonial

      Ken B. writes:

"Hello Tom,

I will start off by (saying,) you have produced an extraordinary trading method.

I have wasted so much of my time studying inferior methods. At what you are charging, you are basically giving this away. I have purchased trading systems, software, and books by the truckloads as well as attended many seminars and workshops. It has given me a really good feel for what is available.

Elliot Wave has not really impressed me that much, because I did not see consistent results by those who used it and it seemed to be so subjective. I knew that many traders use Fibonacci numbers in many different and effective ways, but at times it's application looked somewhat arbitrary, especially when used to determine support and resistance levels. But you really have created an extremely powerful trading approach, the best I have ever seen and maybe the closest thing to the proverbial 'holy grail' of trading.

I am very grateful that you have even bothered to teach this method. Most anything this powerful and accurate, if it existed, was probably not revealed to the public by the originator. I feel very fortunate."

This Will Take You Where You Want To Go

Like from the red X to the red X and back up again to the other red X and...
- well you get the idea.

Our 9 Day 1500 pip Series 04/28 - 5/02/08 Pivots Overview GbpJpy

Now can YOU make an entry like the one shown below where the price hits the purple line after the peak when it comes back on the retracement? Of course you can and it's the safest and best entry. The move between the 1st and 2nd "X"s on the chart above is the result - 408 pips. The red check won't be there but even better, your knowledge of how to isolate that signal on the right spot will be. The system tools provided will guide you right to it.


04/28/08 SHORT GbpJpy @ 208.09 (first red X in chart above)
(This closes out the 194.05 Long from March for 1404 Pips but that
is not included in this 1500 Pip series shown here).

Same thing at the other end.

04/29/08 LONG GbpJpy @ 204.01 (second red X in chart above)

Hey, That's YOUR Trade! A quick 408 PIPS in a day!

05/02/08 SHORT GbpJpy @ 207.91 (third red X in chart above)

Then another 390 PIPS in 3 days

And as you can see that short is on its way too. Not only that but I guarantee you that between the 2nd and 3rd red X's every robot would have stopped out and lost out, closing way shy of the potential, then trying to chase half way down the other side when it found out the trend had changed. Am I lyin'? I know you've seen it too! But isn't this the kind of action you had in mind when you decided to trade Forex?

Well do you know what the system did after that? It gave another great signal. This is letting the numerical relationships de-containerize the data (from the bars) eliminating that age-old question "What Timeframe should I use"? It distinguishes the continuation pullbacks from the true reversals. It really is a first in the history of technical analysis!

Now THAT bears REPEATING. Did that really hit the switch? Think about this for a moment again: It distinguishes the continuation pullbacks from the true reversals.

"How is this possible?", you ask. Here's a bit about how it works.

The system makes it possible to get so much of the potential profit from this STAR approach by using tools (provided) to progressively take info from a trend as it begins to fail, no matter the time basis. By identifying these specific traits a check down sequence begins. From a defined certain point each pullback will then be evaluated in order to obtain a clear and specific signal that will tell you it is a trade or no trade.

Those signals you see here may all look alike but the Market Gave Out the Tool Setting because the Accuracy is Already IN the Market!

So trade or no trade - Either way - you don't care - You're making money!

If it is a no trade that just means that you would continue getting pips while backing up to a prior step to get new info as it further develops. This is because the first tool had already identified that this trend is beginning to fail. If it is a trade the signal gives a specific entry point.

So in effect you sneak up along from behind and strike only when the time is right. OK so you can't ever say you haven't heard of this before... This system's speed matching puts you in position to distinguish most continuation pullbacks from reversals for an outstanding statistical edge.

05/09/08 Going LONG GbpJpy AGAIN (the green X too far off above chart!)

That Short got us OVER 700 PIPS
Just this series shown here - Over 1500 PIPS in 9 Trading Days!

Now the ride from here on this LONG TRADE will again yield the full potential of this time basis' Super Trade.

We're doing this Over & Over & Over again. I don't see why you shouldn't be doing this too. Do You?

Maybe you want to apply this on your favorite Currency Pair. I know a lot of traders have been watching the EUR/USD. Where were you on 4/22/08? You should have been getting your signal from this system. See below. This is not being done with a Paint Program you know. This works on ALL pairs.

04/22/08 EUR/USD - The SHORT everyone was waiting for @ 1.6001

05/08/08 EUR/USD - Reversal LONG @ 1.5323 That's 678 Pips

07/16/08 EUR/USD - The SHORT everyone was {STILL} waiting for @ 1.5938
(After Another 615 Pips)

You Know What Happened on this one!
How many Thousands of pips YOU Want?

Let's Check Back on the GBP/JPY Again...

08/06/08 GBP/JPY - Reversal SHORT @ 213.77 This was around 1300 Pips!

Forex has STRONG Trending.
You need to have an EARLY entry WITHOUT Early Exits!

One More to Look At...

This one I had Never traded in my entire life... The EUR/AUD. It looked like a real MESS! So I wasn't watching it - and I've been busy lately (Imagine That). But in July a new customer pointed out his setup on this pair. It was on a 5 minute chart coming off a high on July 11th. Before the signal came it had grown to a 15 minute so that is a good sign. Then it just went cruisin' after that. How did I know it would be a good run? I Didn't. But the signal was good and there was nothing but continuation signals after it began to run.

Nearly 5000 pips from not getting Shaken Out!

My System Kept Me In!

07/16/08 EUR/AUD - The LONG NOBODY was waiting for @ 1.6232

Imagine how this Feels - See You in the Winner's Circle

Keys to Remember
  • Reduction of Drawdown from Best Entry.
  • 100% Mechanical Criteria - NO Subjectivity!
  • Not a Curve-Fitted System. Will Work Forever.
  • Works on any Time Basis.
  • Works on any Leveraged Instrument, Forex, Commodities and Futures.
  • Master Level Money Management and Trade Handling.
  • Unique Speed Signature Matching and Balance of Forces.
  • Confidence to Pull the Trigger.

If You Got 5000 Pips in the last 3 months You would not be reading this.

That's fine because before I found the S.T.A.R. trading techniques I don't think these kinds of results were possible. I didn't hear of anything like it. BUT... if you do not see yourself getting 5000 pips in the NEXT 3 months then STOP reading this and get started with your own S.T.A.R. Trading System. You'll be so glad you did you just won't believe it. I still have a hard time believing it is this tight and effective.

Supertradesystem Testimonial

      Clint M. writes:

Hello Tom,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the call this evening. I've never had the opportunity to talk to someone one-on-one that is a professional. I learned so much! The way that you have learned to evaluate trend, trend exhaustion and trend reversal is monumental. I continued where we left off and was able to evaluate the pullbacks of the EURUSD from today.


On the 15 min chart on the second pullback of 2008 11.13 14:15 there is a {proprietary secret}. The signal is good. Price hits the buy line at 2008 11.13 19:45 bounced off of it and shoots straight up.
And this is from today! Not something cherry picked from a year ago.
You must have an IQ of 180 because this is pure genius!


Supertradesystem Is Also For INDEX FUTURES,

      GOLD Jan 29, 2009 Long at 877.86:

      GOLD So far so good:

      GOLD Feb 20, 2009 Short at 995.72:

      GOLD April 30,2009 Long 881.33:

There are a lot of Pairs and Commodities to track. We have a Live Collaboration Watchlist at the member site so we keep more eyes WATCHING!
While I Write, There's Dozens of Signal Setups Waiting for You.

JOIN Us - Become a Supertrader!

Supertradesystem Testimonial

      Duane M. writes:

Hello Tom,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the system today. I am on my second look-thru right now. I want to thank you for sharing your work, I can tell that you put a tremendous amount of work into this system, and I look forward to learning all that you offer. The installation went fine, thanks for the great directions. I have my work cut out for me, but I am thoroughly impressed by the amount of worth that you have shared for the price. this is no ordinary system!!

Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions, I look forward to mastering this system.


ps. Check the Contact/FAQ page for what Duane sent me a week later.

The only other thing you can do is get last century results and stoplosses.

CLICK HERE to Purchase the Supertradesystem Today

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