About Us

I Believe The Technical Analysis Status Quo Doesn’t Serve You And Must Evolve.
So I Made New Tools To Help Traders.

Supertradesystem.com came into being in 2008 to share the Super Trades At Retrace or STAR Forex Trading System with the world. This is the beginning of a completely revolutionary and unique approach to Technical Analysis (TA).

STAR’s developer, TS Hennessy, stumbled and was felled many times by the same exact shortcomings that affect all traders. The frustration of losing tens of thousands despite so much effort left its mark.

Beginning trading in 1997 a bumpy ride began and only determination to try everything under the sun allowed survival, but not before experiencing what 95% of traders go through.

The Journey

Fast forward to 2007:

After attempting to share the results of unique discoveries and a decade of experience in a meaningful way with newbie traders who need it most in forex forums it became clear that competing with the noise of a herd going over a cliff was pointless.

The trouble is that TA “knowledge” which was seemingly everywhere was itself not evolved and so even the language of these unique discoveries could not be used. It was decided that the exact methods would have to be published or no useful help could be given.

By this time the experimentation with nearly every indicator in existence as well as process systems and simple systems alike showed there was no promise of the one thing all traders need – consistency. Over a million chart views and TA came up gasping for air.

The discoveries by this point had been significant:

  • A simple numerical permutation on the famed 50 day moving average – the 68dma – leads to an understanding of Fibonacci Family Ratio utilization by markets and that this is anything but the simple and unreliable Fibonacci Retracements.
  • The relationship of the 68 to the linchpin fibbo 89 reveals the Frequency Difference between Stocks and Leveraged instruments like Forex, Futures or Commodities. Leveraged instruments setups must be multiplied by the same ratio that exists between 68 & 89 (0.764) to work in the same way as they would on Stocks because they “Run Faster” than stocks.
  • The use of the 68dma begins a process that shows Elliott Wave significance for motive waves. All new trends begin with motive waves so this “Key” to waves understanding begins to take shape.
  • The Wave Key facilitates the discovery of the answer to a nagging problem RN Elliott had over 70 years ago with his then developing Elliott Wave ruleset. He had beautifully mapped out definite rules that the waves followed religiously – with one exception. The workaround brought unreliability to portions of the waves and caused errors. The wave key proved the rules are definite and allowed publishing of the book, “The New Elliott Wave Rule” by TS Hennessy in 2009 which simplified Elliott Wave by removing unpredictability. It is available at http://newelliottwaverule.org (opens in a new window).
  • Discovery of TA’s ultimate weakness, the failure to recognize what is apparent on every chart – speed changes. Since all charts use timeframes and indicators which are static, speed changes completely take all hope of consistency away. Changes in speed cause changes to how uniformly your TA setup compares or fires. PERIOD.
  • Various speeds and scales create the need to make adaptive tools to implement the Wave Key. Mapping these tools onto formations identified through research on the New Elliott Wave Rule provide a system which eliminates counting waves. A STAR is born and the world of TA is given the 2nd and crucial speed control to calibrate to the market. TA in the 21st century begins.

The Discoveries and Training Continue

Nine months after release of STAR the Supertradersclub community for dedicated support and training for STAR Owners was opened New Years Eve 2009. The site features a private forum because STAR is completely unique and really doesn’t play well with other methods.

STAR tools directly led to a further discovery called Base Tuned Dynamic Support and Resistance. This is a toolset that utilizes a surprising find and we call it BT DSR for short.

As strange as it may sound it turns out that all forex pairs of a common BASE, like the Euro base common to pairs such as Eur/Aud, Eur/Jpy, Eur/Usd etc., just so happen to run at their own unique “Frequency” or speed factoring. Every base is unique.

The tools are therefore TUNED and provide excellent evidence that the forex market already utilizes such frequency. The market has quite a good memory for support and resistance (S/R). Much more so for dynamic S/R, such as provided by moving averages which have been so “tuned”, rather than the static S/R like horizontal price zones.

This makes for some amazing decision support since the market “remembers” and you may plan reversal areas. This is actually one of the most sought after types of tools, being a true Leading Indicator.

You can view the video about this Fibonacci Festival that goes on without notice all the time on the Base Tuned Dynamic Support and Resistance (BT DSR) page.

Who knows what the future holds as the market is given full respect and weight and traders begin to realize that “Dumb TA” that only uses 50% of the speed controls at its disposal will fail 95% of traders as long as it does not evolve.

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Our Strengths

A Supertradersclub lifetime Owners Membership is included with your purchase of STAR. It features a private forum which will be your resource for video training and support.

There is also a Premium Membership which has a live chat and live collaborative watchlist for setups and triggers tracking. Members from around the world chat and discuss and get answers to questions.

We have lifetime and annual and monthly Premium Memberships.

There are lifetime members that have been here in Premium since Dec. 2009 when Supertradersclub first opened and traders have paid over $1000 before the more affordable lifetime memberships were made available.

You get a 30 day free trial for Premium Membership and instructions on how to start the trial will be given. To continue the monthly paid subscription after your trial is only $24.99 per month. Cancel or upgrade anytime.

There is also a private Facebook Group.

Our proprietary strategies and depth of research are unmatched in the industry. When you have torn up the flooring and found the true foundations of the markets and built a trading system upon those cornerstones you build a Supertradesystem.

Tell your Research Team to make sure you get ALL the speed controls, not 50% and they will come back with insights that will absolutely blow you away.

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