Matching what the market is doing means getting our systems and analysis in line with the dynamics of market structures.

STAR uses a Global Variable (GV) to adjust ALL of the period settings of the indicators used in the templates of the system.

The Global Variable (GV) is the Metatrader4 (MT4) programmable feature and STAR shows this value as Speed Multiplier (SM) on its tools. In MT4 this GV gets set by using the dialog called by the “F3” key.

The system objective is making a uniform analysis at ALL the infinite possibilities of SCALE. Some traders refer to this as the “Term”.

Variations of the scale will negate consistency in any attempt to apply any technical analysis using the standard combination of timeframe and static indicator settings. This is universally misunderstood as an acceptable means to apply all technical systems.

Despite this ongoing unchallenged acceptance since the start of TA 400 years ago, the combination of timeframe and indicator is so crude the best description is a cart with square wheels.

Standard TA then is:
The bar size (time of start and stop for collecting ticks) is fixed once charted. The period settings of the indicators are fixed once set and deployed.

That combination cannot ever be flexible enough and the market is exquisitely variable. Bad things happen (but only to 95% of traders so it’s ok, they can just keep trying harder).

In STAR you employ a continuously variable analysis setup that can actually lock itself onto our formation model (the pervasive double move) at any speed combination (timeframe X period settings). The entire Term Range of (-) 1 minute to 1 month (+) is utilized as a continuous spectrum in our approach so no matter the scale of the double move we can match it with high precision.

That is accomplished by varying the SM which adjusts the period settings of every indicator in all the tools at one time.

Now your speed of analysis (technical comparative analysis consisting of timeframe X period settings) is continuously variable giving your TA the flexibility required to truly match a market.

The traitset is STAR’s method for locking on to a specific formation, a “speed signature” that the market has in each area. This is done systematically through matching of all criteria.

It is used to take advantage of STAR’s unique flexibility and apply it in a structured approach. We work towards the objective of that UNIFORMITY of analysis which would be logically required to have any hope of being consistent.

The trouble has been that the standard TA approach was not fully thought through and the building blocks and how they combine was not understood.

Even the basic and obvious market characteristic of speed changes and how drastically they impact indicator oscillations like crossing events and value thresholds upon which all of TA’s foundations rest is lacking in the TA educational environment.

We at STAR know that simplistic, sub-standard and failure-ridden approach as “Dumb TA”. We know that we need to first Match The Market by matching the local speed of the market or our analysis is really irrelevant. We like it relevant instead and so will you.

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